Ice Control

The most demanding area of winter maintenance, we can offer a wide variety of solutions to limit the potential hazards associated with icy winter conditions.

Salting is the most common form or ice control. With our fleet of 5 large salt spreading trucks we can respond momentarily to unexpected icy conditions, however studying forecasts, monitoring pavement temperatures and the dew point allows us to predict icy conditions before they happen. With this knowledge we can dispatch our trucks well before the Risk occurs, treat with appropriate action and monitor threw the risk period.

Anti Icing Is a process which helps prevent the bond of Ice and snow to pavement surfaces by applying chemicals typically before an event occurs. We use a combination of either liquid salt brine or liquid magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. Anti-Icing is ideal for properties with high traffic during snowfalls and can actually reduce the overall amount of Ice Control product used during an event.

Pre Wetting Our pre wetting service is utilized by our clients when temperatures go below -15 degrees centigrade when regular rock salt loses it’s effectiveness. By applying liquid to the salt before it’s spread it increases the effective temperature at which salt works

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