Knowing Ghent Winter Works is constantly monitoring our property has eliminated the stress and liability associated with dangerous winter conditions. We can always count on their prompt professional service.Dave Wingert, Dettmer Tire

With Ghent servicing our businesses we could always be confident of prompt and efficient service. They are experts at THEIR business, which allowed us to be experts at OURS!Paul Given

What a wonderful feeling it was to know that when I took my kids to school each morning last winter our driveway would be cleared and ready to go – and that our flower beds would not be ruined this spring!Penelope Gallaway

The Ghent Team did a phenomenal job of turning our mangy, over-grown backyard into a work of art! Thanks for the punctuality and meeting our extra tight deadlines!Chris Dixon

Using The Ghent Group is the best protection that money can buy against patrons or employees like me. I am the guy who falls on the one patch of ice left in the parking lot, if there is something for me to hurt myself on, I’ll find it…not because I try to , just because I am that guy, with that kind of luck. I can attest to the fact that despite spending a considerable amount of time on Ghent worksites, I have never been injured one of their sites. – Ian

Ghent Maintenance Group is proudly Canadian, eh.