Year-Round Property Maintenance Services

For a year-round property maintenance company offering landscaping, lawn care, snow removal and other summer or winter maintenance services in the Kitchener -Waterloo area, call The Ghent Group at 519.581.7113 today!

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Landscaping Kitchener

The Ghent Group offers full service landscaping, from design to installation and ongoing maintenance, and has been serving Kitchener and surrounding area since 2000.

Lawn Care Kitchener

Our complete lawn care services include everything your lawn needs to look healthy and beautiful: soil analysis, seeding & top dressing, fertilizing, sodding, watering, rolling & aerating, weed control, mowing & trimming. One of our consultants would be pleased to provide a quote for our lawn care services.

Snow Removal Kitchener

We work while you sleep. By 7 am, you'll know that you can safely leave your driveway without risk of getting stuck in the pile of snow left by the city plows. One of Ghent's snow removal clients says, "What a wonderful feeling it was to know that when I took my kids to school each morning last winter our driveway would be cleared and ready to go - and that our flower beds would not be ruined this spring!"

Landscaping Companies Waterloo

We are well-equipped to take care of your commercial landscaping maintenance needs, including parking lot sweeping, pressure washing sidewalks & buildings and landscape watering.

Landscaping Waterloo

With our wide variety of equipment, we have the flexibility to work on day- to-day projects, as well as being able to handle specialized and unique situations. Don't have time to tackle the spring clean-up for your yard? Have a tree that needs to be pruned or removed? Let the landscape experts at The Ghent Group take care of it for you. Give us a call for a quote today.

Property Maintenance Waterloo

Liability and safety are at the forefront of everything we do. Communication is key so rest assured If issues arise you can be confident you will get one of our staff on our 24/7 customer support line.

Winter Maintenance Waterloo

At Ghent, we install guides to mark the border of your driveway, sidewalks and any hazards to ensure that our winter maintenance services don't damage your lawn or garden. Sweeping snow is a great option for property owners who want to reduce the amount of ice control product used on their properties. With our high speed hydraulic brooms, we can sweep up to 3" of snow away quickly, eliminating the need for salt or ice melt. You have our assurance that your driveway will be cleared of snow using specialized equipment that will not damage expensive stone work or crush your bedding plants.

Speak to one of our consultants about how we can help with your landscaping, snow plowing & removal and property maintenance needs in Kitchener and Waterloo. Call (519) 581-7113.

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