Year-Round Property Maintenance Services


Our landscaping services include planting as well as maintenance tasks such as spring clean-up, pruning trees and shrubs, mulching, and fertilizing your garden.  Our winter services go beyond plowing the snow into piles. We spare no attention to detail in making sure that your site is safely accessible. This service includes, as necessary, blowing snow to reduce the volume and/or relocating it, clearing sidewalks, using ice control products, and monitoring your site.   Snow Removal

By 7:00 am, your driveway will be clear of snow, to the first bumper or your garage door, including the dreaded pile left by the city plows. Damage-free snow removal is our specialty! Our residential snow blowers are specially equipped with urethane cutting edges to ensure that your driveway, sidewalks, lawns and flower beds are not marred. At Ghent, we take care of your unique needs!Having many of your limited number of parking spaces occupied by a pile of snow is unacceptable. That's why we have a complete fleet of equipment - skid steers, loaders and tractors, for example - to stack snow higher and keep your valuable parking space free for its intended purpose.  Ghent offers full landscape master plan design and construction services. Our drawings include 3D renderings and a recommended plant list.  

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Commercial Property Maintenance

In the winter, our patrol crews work 24/7 ensuring quick response times and immediate service where required, including snow plowing and removal, ice control, sidewalk clearing, and site monitoring. When you sign up with Ghent your property is checked by our site patrols twice daily regardless of weather conditions, ensuring your property remains safe.

In the summer, Ghent can also help maintain your company's image with litter control, parking lot sweeping, pressure washing and landscape maintenance services.

The Ghent Group offers full service landscaping, from design to installation and ongoing maintenance, and has been serving Kitchener and surrounding area since 2000.  Our complete lawn care services include everything your lawn needs to look healthy and beautiful: soil analysis, seeding & top dressing, fertilizing, sodding, watering, rolling & aerating, weed control, mowing & trimming. One of our consultants would be pleased to provide a quote for our lawn care services.  Landscaping & Lawn Care

The Ghent Group is equipped to take on any project, small or large, from aerating, rolling & fertilizing your lawn, and weekly cutting & trimming to full-scale master plan landscape design and installation. Our in-house crew includes stone masons and carpenters to streamline any project.

When the snow piles get too large, being able to remove large amounts of snow quickly and cost effectively is paramount for all of our clients. We have the equipment to afford 3 options: relocate the snow onsite, blow the snow away from the area, or haul the snow away.  We work while you sleep. By 7 am, you'll know that you can safely leave your driveway without risk of getting stuck in the pile of snow left by the city plows. One of Ghent's snow removal clients says, "What a wonderful feeling it was to know that when I took my kids to school each morning last winter our driveway would be cleared and ready to go - and that our flower beds would not be ruined this spring!"  

Speak to one of our consultants about how we can help with your landscaping, snow plowing & removal and property maintenance needs in Kitchener and Waterloo. Call (519) 581-7113.

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