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Winter Maintenance and Snow Removal in Kitchener and Waterloo

Different properties require different equipment, for that reason we have a diverse fleet tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Loss of parking in today’s demanding market is unacceptable and by using loaders, skid steers and tractors we are able to stack snow higher limiting the loss of parking at no additional cost to our clients. From 16’ hydraulic wing plows to 4’ sidewalk plows we are committed to investing in the best equipment available to meet the needs of our customers. Major snow accumulations can fall without notice but having staff working and patrolling around the clock allows us to mobilize the plowing fleet quickly ensuring sites are cleared by scheduled times appointed by our clients. For sensitive surfaces like interlocking stone, fresh or decorative concrete, parking garages we offer poly edged plows and power brooms which limit any potential damage typically associated with traditional metal cutting edges.

Sweeping snow is a great option for property owners and managers who want to reduce the amount of ice control product used on their properties. With our high speed hydraulic brooms ranging from 4’ to 10’ wide we can sweep up to 3” of snow away quickly essentially eliminating the need for Salt or ice melt. The cleared surface remains dry and has a very nice look to it.

When the snow piles get to large being able to remove large amounts of snow quickly, efficiently and cost effectively is paramount for all of our clients.

We offer 3 options when this happens,

1. Relocate snow onsite using high volume snow buckets on wheel loaders,
2. Using 200hp Industrial Snow Blowers we have the ability to blow the snow up to 75’ back. Snow blowing is a great option when site conditions allow as blowing snow reduces the overall volume of snow by up to 75% by removing the air from the snow turning big piles into small ones.
3. When all else fails using our large loaders and high volume snow buckets we load tri axle dump trucks and haul the snow away to our own independent dump sites. Having efficient loader operators is critical ensuring no dump trucks are waiting and always working.

The most demanding area of winter maintenance, we can offer a wide variety of solutions to limit the potential hazards associated with icy winter conditions.

Salting is the most common form or ice control. With our fleet of 5 large salt spreading trucks we can respond momentarily to unexpected icy conditions, however studying forecasts, monitoring pavement temperatures and the dew point allows us to predict icy conditions before they happen. With this knowledge we can dispatch our trucks well before the Risk occurs, treat with appropriate action and monitor threw the risk period.

Anti Icing Is a process which helps prevent the bond of Ice and snow to pavement surfaces by applying chemicals typically before an event occurs. We use a combination of either liquid salt brine or liquid magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. Anti-Icing is ideal for properties with high traffic during snowfalls and can actually reduce the overall amount of Ice Control product used during an event.

Pre Wetting Our pre wetting service is utilized by our clients when temperatures go below -15 degrees centigrade when regular rock salt loses it’s effectiveness. By applying liquid to the salt before it’s spread it increases the effective temperature at which salt works

In today’s demanding market details count and for this reason we spare no attention to detail when it comes to cleaning sidewalks and entrances. Our dedicated sidewalk crews use a combination of small plows, rotary brooms, snow blowers and of course shovels to keep sidewalks and entrances clear of snow. Shovelling around and off curbs is standard and making sure snow is cleared right up to buildings sepeartes us from our competitors. With our sidewalk crews always on standby we can respond to snowy and icy conditions very quickly.

Once the sidewalks are clear we use drop spreaders to evenly spread a variety of Ice control products ensuring safe conditions and even spread of material.

With liability and safety at the forefront of everything we do we have taken a few major steps over the past few years to combat these challenges. Our GPS tracking system has been a tremendous benefit to our company allowing our clients real-time tracking reports on demand proving service. Along side our gps tracking our site patrol crews check and document each site daily for unsafe conditions. We have our patrol crews working 24/7 from Nov 1 to April 1 ensuring quick response times and immediate service where required. Communication is key so rest assured If issues arise you can be confident you will get one of our staff on our 24/7 customer support line.

At Ghent we have a wide variety of solutions in our snow removal fleet. We have various sizes of equipment to maintain your parking lots, sidewalks and other snow removal necessities. Multiple Ice Control Trucks permit us to get to our sites fast, and to address any immediate needs that might arise.When you sign up with Ghent your property is checked by our “site patrols” twice daily regardless of weather conditions, ensuring your property remains safe!
Ghent Maintenance Group is proudly Canadian, eh.